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Wallflower & Galerie Pavlova presents: Terra Australis
Featuring the work of:

Vivian Cooper Smith - http://www.thesingledesk.com.au/
Siri Hayes - http://www.sirihayes.net/
Katrin Koenning - http://www.katrinkoenning.com/
Brendan Lee - http://www.brendanlee.com/
11. September until 18. December 2015

Terra Australis (Latin for South Land) brings together the work of four visual artists who have each created series which touch on aspects of Australian landscape, cultural identity and European heritage.

Organised in collaboration with Kristian Häggblom from Wallflower Photomedia Gallery.
Berlin Art Week (http://www.berlinartweek.de)
Galerie Pavlova | Linienstr. 116, 10115 Berlin

Selections from:
The Great Divide 2015
Three channel

The Great Divide

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