Out Of Character

Out of Character video #1

The first in a series of character studies being developed for a feature length movie involving social perceptions and stereotypes. As Australians we are fantastic at pointing the finger at those who aren't like us. Whether they're from a different ethnic background or just plain down and out, it's in the larrikin spirit to appear unsympathetic or nasty towards others. Simultaneously a bloke can be as rough as guts and kind hearted without there being a contradiction. Video #1 portrays a window washer at a busy intersection. In all honesty you don't want to be giving cash over to someone who's off to score a hit with it although when put into the context where it's better than him doing your house over and flogging it off to Cash Converters a few bucks seems a fair trade for services rendered. Of course it's a cliché to say that all washies are on smack and live in squats - we know not all of them are - yet it's fun to hang it on them from the safety of your car.

For the avid film buff the main character occupies a few Footscray film locations pertinent to the stereotypes.