Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4

from the series True Blue
13 minutes
edition of 6

The True Blue series looks at how one can recontextualize classic Australian films via a current-day cinematic perspective. The series investigates how the perceptions of Australian cultural identity through films and film locations can alter amongst a rising tide of nationalism and history. Out of the Blue 1 & 2 uses the Cronulla riots, Romper Stomper and Dogs in Space whereas Out of the Blue 3 & 4 borrows from The Castle, Somersault and Jindabyne to comment on the state of contemporary Australian film culture and how political shifts can affect national representation. The True Blue Series is structured to be a number of unanswered questions where the viewer uses the codes and narrative elements to devise their own interpretations.

Brief notes on Out of The Blue

Works that deal with important issues of our time. Historically situated in the present to look back upon and say, that was relevant in 2006 - 7

The lone character in the wilderness. The lost child in the bush The stranger gone walkabout.

Looking at Australia's cinematic past Location, memory and current social studies

Works that were questions rather than answers or performances.

The use of Alfred Hitchcock's McGuffins: a plot device that motivates the characters and/ advances the story yet has little other relevance to the story

In my works there is no story, only suggestions where the viewer forges their own plot and narrative.

The Child is protecting something Someone chases them, and they are eluded.

A child is reading a letter from the government Sections are torn out They feel compelled to get up and walk towards a landscape.

What does it say, where are they going?

We know the location of the children as it's announced during the establishing shot.

From that point on, we already have the knowledge in which to forge a narrative.

One child is in Bonnie Doon where the characters from the Castle went for their holidays Another is sitting in Footscray where the Skinheads from Romper Stomper lived A girl rests outside the house from Dogs in Space and another resides on location of both Jindabyne and Somersault.

I've incorporated contemporary issues into each of the pieces such as national identity, sparked by the Cronulla riots and the effects that the drought is having in the country.