Hoon behaviour:

2nd May 2007 05:28:05 PM

FOOTSCRAY artist Brendan Lee has put together a video installation for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, that might raise a few eyebrows among supporters of the anti-hoon legislation. Mr Lee’s installation at the Southbank studio features two video screens, a castle made of tyres and a 1985 VK Commodore. The castle is made of 300 tyres “I did a deal with K-mart tyre and auto”, Mr Lee said. The screens on either side of the studio show a driver at Braybrook’s Fun City Saloon Bar doing burnouts (via digital effects) in a car and the other screen shows a group of “blokes” egging on a mate to drink more beer.

Mr Lee described his work as a “time-capsule” as to behaviour in the West. “The gentrification of Footscray is making the larrikins move out,” he said. But he added the concept of larrikin had changed over time “now they are hoons and hoons have become bogans”. Mr Lee said there were some, such as himself, who saw hoon behaviour as “street theatre”. Mr Lee is not afraid of controversy, his previous videos have featured re-enactments of the Cronulla riots, set outside the Footscray Community Arts Centre. He said the location was selected because parts of the film Romper Stomper were filmed outside the arts centre. Mr Lee likes to make reference to other films in his work, his installation video was shot at Braybrook’s Fun City Saloon Bar because parts of the movie Kenny were shot there. "I heard that the filmmakers of Chopper’s (Read) wanted to film there too,” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee’s exhibition will feature at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Southbank, until 20 May.