Takin A Shot

Takiní a Shot

Takin' a Shot

Takiní a Shot (DVD) pits two layabout guys in a Melbourne gangland style face-off. The two characters are equally matched in an endless hat shooting challenge. Each character - Red and Blue - take turns at shooting the hat off each other whilst attempting to hold their stance in wind tunnel like conditions. The ridiculousness of the scenario is only counteracted by the sincerity on the actor's faces. The lane ways of Melbourne are employed by the set pieces as points of conflict, both as arenas of battle and a vibrant part of the city's heritage.

Takin' a Shot is a continuation of Lee's homage to really bad films, by making worse ones. This piece is filled with references to classic Hollywood westerns such as For a Few Dollars More and The Magnificent Seven whilst poking fun at the Melbourne underworld by comparing it to the local art scene. Takin' a Shot is the second 52-minute video work (a psychiatrist's hour) in his trilogy of dangerous filmic predicaments. The first being Shootin' from the Hip, 2004 and was followed by Role Model in 2005.