Two Birds With One Stone

…two birds with one stone

Brendan Lee

2 November to 10 December 2006


The Australian criminal world is a totally unbelievable, blood soaked, insane comedy of errors. It is filled with the most unrealistic, nuttiest collection of murdering. drug running, movie watching Walter Mittys you will ever find.

Chopper from the Inside, Mark Brandon Read, Flordale Productions and Sly Ink, 1991

Two Birds with one Stone: Hate, violence and anger are all considered symptoms of our society and cinematic violence has often been blamed for being the cause. In the exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales Melbourne-based video-installation artist Brendan Lee continues his exploration of film and the effect of the screen in contemporary society. In …Two Birds with one Stone (2006), the traditionally passive role of the viewer is contested as a vibrating installation ‘assaults’ the viewer, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. Created in the Australian prison genre, Lee takes his inspiration from movies such as Everynight, Everynight , Scum, Stir, Ghost of the Civil Dead and Chopper. Lee considers why we are no longer shocked by violence in the cinematic medium; is it because of the repetition of violent images that we have become so comfortable with the screen as a separation between our world and that of the characters portrayed?

Natasha Bullock, Assistant Curator, Photography and Contemporary Art ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES